This musical project, "Tehilim," was born out of a promise made to a Holocaust survivor. Miraculously, two of the songs on this CD survived the Holocaust, although the composers did not. My mother-in-law (a survivor liberated from Bergen-Belsen), shortly before she died, made me promise to sing her father's song. "I want to leave it as a legacy for my father," she said. Frieda Lipschitz had stored in her memory and in her heart the arrangement of Psalm 121 that her father (Chaim Lipschitz) would sing often on Shabbat, his face shining after davvening at shul. The tune was written by her father's brother-in-law (Yankile fen Krosno), who also perished in the Shoah.

The other song was written while riding on a bus the same year that Kristallnacht occurred. I found the sheet music in Frieda's papers (a friend had helped her with writing it down, so it would not be lost and forgotten). I felt led by G-d's ruakh to put the words of Psalm 116 to the tune. I'm hoping that these songs will reach the ears of survivors yet living and that they will receive comfort through them. King David's heart always turned to the Creator (in joy, in sorrow, in victory, and in defeat). Perhaps that is why his songs stir the music in our souls and help us express our yearning for HaShem and our praise for His greatness and His compassion. My prayer is that you will join me in this musical tribute, and be richly blessed.

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