late 17th century depiction of Benjamin by the Flemish artist Jacques de Gheyn II.

Benjamin was the second son and last child of Jacob with his second wife Rachel. His mother died in childbirth so his father raised Benjamin along with eleven brothers and a sister. According to the Gemara of Mesechet Shabbos, he is one of the four people who died free from sin. Spelling alternatives: בִּנְיָמִין, Binyamin

Benjamin was born to Rachel in Canaan. However Rachel died shortly after naming her baby Benion- which means Son of my moaning. Jacob was heatbroken. He showed favoritism to Rachel's children, Joseph and Benjamin, leading to sibling rivalry with Jacobs other children.

Later life

After Joseph was sold in Egypt a drought came causing chaos. Eventually Jacob sent the older sons to get grain to feed the family from Egypt. But they returned with a story. a cruel man spoke cruelly to us and made us go and get our younger brother. Jacob refused at first but when his family cried in hunger Jacob reluctantly agreed. After ariving in Egypt Joesph confronted his brothers and embraced them. then he sent everyone in his family to come and live in Egypt. Soon Jacob's family was greeted by Pharaoh and they were kind and thoughtful to the Egyptians.

However, years after Jacob's death a new Pharaoh came to the power and made Joseph's people slaves. This Pharaoh ordered a murderous decree against Hebrew children. This would lead to the finding of a tiny baby who would be the Jews leader forever, Moses.

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