Ezekiel, son of Buzi, was born in Jerusalem in 623 BCE. He was a prophet who lived in Babylonia during the Jewish exile after the destruction of the First Temple.

According to the Tanakh. Ezekiel was a prophet who saw G-d and four angels. He told that each angel had four faces, four wings, and four hands. He said that each had the faces of a lion, an eagle, an ox and a human. He also revealed many prophecies, some good and some bad. He once prophesied that a sinning Jew, Pelatiah ben Benaiah, would die. His most famous prophecy, known as the Dry Bones prophecy, predicted that G-d would revive a large number of dead people. G-d brought Ezekiel to a valley in which He gave him the words to this prophecy. The bones rattled and came together as they matched. Ezekiel prophesied that life would return to the dead people, and G-d made sure that this happened.

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