The Jewish tartan design.

Jewish tartan is the official tartan of Scotland's Jewish community, as recognized by the Scottish Tartans' Authority. It is, however, a tartan which both Jews and non-Jews from anywhere in the world are permitted to wear. It was introduced in March 2016. It was designed by Mendel Jacobs, an Orthodox rabbi from Glasgow, in association with Mike Wilson from the Scottish Tartans' Authority.

The colors of the Jewish tartan are blue, white, gold, silver and red. Blue and white were chosen because they are the colors of both the Scottish and the Israeli flag. Gold represents the Ark of the Covenant and golden ceremonial vessels. Silver represents the silver that traditionally adorned Torah Scrolls. Red represents wine over which prayers have been said at the beginning and the end of the Sabbath. The pattern includes three lines and seven lines. Three and seven are both significant numbers in Judaism.

All Jewish tartan products are kosher because they are made of a non-wool linen mix. (The Tanakh prohibits mixing wool with other fabrics to make cloth.)

Items available on sale in the Jewish tartan design include prayer shawls, skullcaps, ties and kilts.

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