Artist's depiction of Job
Title Servant of G-d
Born Unknown
Died Unknown
Gender Male
Religion Judaism
Family Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Residence Unknown

The book of Job has no known dates recorded in it. There are 8 different opions on what time this book takes place. A 9th opinion says that it never happened at all, and is actually a parable. It starts mid-life, where G-d and the Satan decide to test Job. First he looses all his cattle. G-d and Satan test him one more time, by making him have boils on his skin. After, Job's 3 friends (Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar) try to convince him that G-d hates him. After he almost gives in, G-d appears to him in a whirlwind and says he has passed the test, with a little rebuking, and gives him back his health and cattle.

Alternate versions of Job's name: Iyov, Joab.

He is known for:

  • Being a faithful servant of G-d
  • Being able to withstand large amounts of rebuking (By G-d and freinds)
  • Being told about the Leviathan and Behemoth.

Job lived 140 years, and "He saw his children and his children's children, to four generations" (Job, 42:16)

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