Miriam was the elder sister of Aaron and Moses. She saved Moses by helping her mother, Yocheved hide him in a basket on the river when he was a baby under threat of death from the Pharaoh. she also watched Bithia the pharaoh's daughter take baby Moses out of the river and raise him. She was a leader of the women and found water for the Hebrews wandering in the desert on their way to Israel. She before reaching the promised land (Hukkat or Numbers 20:1).

Miriam said something bad about Moses because of his wife. G-d heard, and she then got tzarat, a terrible skin diesease. Moses prayed for her and she got better.

Miriam was a prophet (Exodus 15:20). The Gemara in Megilla states she is one of the seven women prophets.

Miriam's father was Amram. Her descendants include Bezalel and King David.

Hebrew name

Miriam's name is written מרים in Hebrew.



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  • a commentary on Parshat Shelach on the Orthodox Union (OU) site explores some of the reasons given that Miriam was not permitted to enter the promised land.

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