"Miriam's Song" by Debbie Friedman refers to the Biblical character of Miriam and the rejoicing of the Hebrew slaves upon reaching the other side of the Red Sea (from Egypt).

This song is used in some Jewish services along with or instead of Mi Chamocha. It is based on Exodus 15:20-21, Shirat HaYam, the “Song at the Sea”.

Debbie Friedman's recorded version of the song is 2 minutes and 33 seconds long.

The chorus:

And the women dancing with their timbrels
Followed Miriam as she sang her song
Sing a song to the One whom we've exalted.
Miriam and the women danced and danced
the whole night long.

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  • YouTube slide show images set to Debbie Friedman's singing of Miriam's Song -- Note: It is not clear whether this user had permission to use the copyrighten material.
  • has a commentary on Miriam's Song including the fact that there were two songs at the Sea: Moses and the men's and Miriam's and the women's

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