According to the Tanakh, a princess of Egypt, pharaoh's own daughter, found the baby Moses in the Nile and brought him up as her own son.

The princess is known as Bithiah. Not much is known about her life. It is said that she was a childless widow at the time that she found Moses.

Finding of Moses

The book of Exodus tells how the Pharoah wanted all male Heberew babies be thrown into the Nile.After Pharaoh's decree was announced a Hebrew woman set her son adrift in a basket on the Nile to keep him alive. Bithiah was bathing in the river when she spotted the basket. Pharaoh's daughter found the crying baby in the reeds and took him home. She told the Pharoah that the baby was from her dead husband and the Nile god. Bithiah named the child Moses. Moses grew up as the brother to the future king of Egypt

Later life

Bithiah is depicted as a caring mother to Moses. She married an Israelite later on and died a child of G-d. thus her name Bithiah means "G-d]] cares for her".

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