285px-The remains of Robinson's Arch on the western side of the Temple Mount

The ruins of Robinson's Arch.

240px-Reconstruction model of Ancient Jerusalem in Museum of David Castle

What Robinson's Arch once looked like.

Robinson's Arch was a large grand stairway which was built during the reign of King Herod, who refurbished the Temple in Jerusalem to a much grander scale.

Robinson's Arch was located at the southwestern corner of Mount Moriah the Temple Mount. It gets its name from the man who discovered it in 1838, Edward Robinson.

The Arch was destroyed along with the Temple in 70 CE, the Arch today still retains some of the burns from the fires from the armies of Rome. The Arch was in ruins at the time of the Jewish exile and remained so during the Islamic conquest of Jerusalem and right through the middle ages.The Arch is sometimes used today as a prayer location.

The arch was built as part of the Temple Mount's massive western retaining wall, which forms its eastern support. Robinson's Arch along with the Western Wallisone of the last standing remmanents of the Temple of Herod.

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