A recording by Debbie Friedman, Sing Unto God contains various sung prayers.

ISBN 06261-6061-4 (for cassette), copyright 1972

This recording was dedicated to "all those people who have touched my life, who have helped me come closer to my Judaism, who have deepened my appreciation of life and increased my love andd awareness of people... to those who stand for peace... to my entire family... to Joyce Kraulik and the members of the Camerata... and to Ruth Aswegan who has not only helped with the technical production of this recording but has given moral support and has come to help at any hour of the day."


  • Choir: '72 CAMERATA of Highland Park Senior High School, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Soloist and lead guitar: Debbie Friedman
  • Bass guitar: Mark Leonard
  • Drums: Bob Cohen
  • Piano: Brad Momsen
  • Sound engineer: Dean Klinefelter, Sound 80 Studions
  • Jacket design: Gamble Art Studio
  • Published and distributed by: Sounds Write Productions, Inc., Randee Friedman, President
  • Cassette insert design: Randee Friedman
  • Lyric transliteration: Randee Friedman