Artist's Depiction of Solomon
Title Jewish King
Born 982 BCE
Died 902 BCE
Gender Male
Religion Judaism
Family Yehuda
Spouse 1200, including Naahmah
Residence Isreal

Solomon is a highly important character in the book of Kings 1 and 2. His story starts when he was 12, as he was crowned king at that young age. In a dream one night, G-d came to him and said that Solomon could wish for anything he desires. Solomon wished for wisdom, and became the wisest man in the world. This was proven in a court case between two woman, both claiming that a baby was their boy. Solomon decreed that the baby be killed. While one woman didn't react, the other woman was crying, begging that the son be spared. Solomon immediately took back the judgement, and said that the crying woman was the mother.

After a long time, Solomon was commanded to build The Temple. He did as he was commanded.

At 80 he was convinced by his wives to turn away from G-d, in which G-d got angry. G-d dethroned him, and split the nation of Isreal into The Kingdom of Yehuda and the The Kingdom of Isreal.


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