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Sukkoth is a harvest festival. A part of it is spending time out in a temporary structure, a sukkah.

Hebrew spelling: סֻכּוֹת

Also transliterated as Sukkos or Sukkot. And translated as Tabernacles, Feast of Booths, Feast of Tabernacles.

Sukkoth originated in the year 2448 AC (After Creation). The origin of the Sukkah came from how the Jews in the dessert dwelled in tents. During the times of Sukkoth, one must eat in there. If it rains, he must at least say the blessing over wine and bread, and may eat inside if the rain is too hard.

It is traditional to eat some meals and even sleep out in the sukkah during the holiday.


  • The reason G-d made the Sukkoth time in the rainy season is too show the Gentiles that we do not go in tents for fun.

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